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...when you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely in your thoughts advanced to the state of Science...Lord Kelvin

10/09/10-We're trying the blog again--

06/11/10-The SS10F measured.

03/28/10-Added a brief set of sections on the Linkwitz transform and why distortion testing is helpful.

03/28/10-It's getting closer to the DIY. See my personal ramblings.

02/28/10- Here is a brief set of measurements on the feasibility of using an RS28F on a Parts Express 8" waveguide. Looks promising for my RS225 dipole.

02/15/10-Here is a zip file containing the FR and impedance curves for the Peerless woofer and the Vifa tweeter used in the budget project below. The link goes to a compressed file containing an FR graph, a notes file, and FR and impedance for both drivers in the box.

02/06/10-You can find updates on Charlie's 2 way budget collaboration here.

01/09/10- Northern CA audio DIY. It's coming in April. see and the threads at the Parts Express board and HTguide. I'm going to try to work with Charlie to have a really good turnout, with multiple high quality speakers to audition. We'll post these as folks sign up. I'll have my measurement setup so you can measure your speakers, even if you don't want to demo them. We'll have some nice door prizes, and some talks on various audio topics by some well respected, but currently anonymous guests. Come one, come all. I will have the ER18DXT, RS22528A and my old Mini, which I've temporarily pulled out of storage for a low output unit for my wife. I actually like it a lot, when you aren't uber cranking the SPL's.

I'll do my best to have the RST dipole up and running. I really want to experiment with the RS28 soft dome and maybe, the DXT horn for this. Of course, this means remeasuring. This is no easy task-it has to be done outdoors, 10 feet or so up in the air...

01/09/10-Blog purged due to underemployed mischievous teenagers abroad.

11/1/09-ER18DXT design info in my blog.

8/22/09-Zaph|Audio ZA14W08 reviewed.

7/22/09-ER18DXT second order two way preliminary design-see my home blog page

3/15/09-Updates on 5" midwoofers-See the measurements page under midrange group 3.

12/25/08-Updates on the RS22528A, additional tests the 7" Scan revelator, Seas ER18, SB acoustics, as well as a test of the Tang Band 3" midrange done.

The 7" woofer test can be found on my measurements page under "Woofer test group 9."

The Tang Band TB75-1558SE can be found on the measurements page as well.

The RS22528A updates can be found at the beginning of the RS22528a project.

Yes, the RS28a updates are here! Again, see the measurements page.



Blog reborn!!

I'm trying the latest blog version again. We'll give it a whirl. It's much easier to ruminate audio on the fly than constantly feeding and watering this website. Tests and projects will still be here, but speaker drivel has a new home...